Prevention winter for children
Weather in season also contains a related disease or increased. Particularly winter, he could get sick so many parents need to know how to prevent the baby okay! Some late disease often suffer from:
Initially children with itchy nose, sneezing once or one by one colon, head heavy, achy limbs. Fever over 38 degrees Celsius during the day, it is lethargy, the night began crying mother must carry always on hand. If in newborns, nasal blockages due to very small nostrils, whereas younger habitually breathe through your mouth very easily be difficulty breathing, children crying, ...
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Flu is always annoying not only for children but also in adults. Cause a stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, headache, fever, fear of cold, whole body discomfort. To prevent flu for children in winter, to keep the child warm, child eating hot and full of nutrients. Never let children out in the cold, windy. Go to bed at night to care for bamboo cycle goes off and the draft is not in place.
inflammation V.A
Usually occurs in children from 6-7 months to 4 years old but sometimes seen in older children. A child with a fever over 38 ° C, accompanied by runny nose, stuffy nose was young, this sign is more noticeable when the baby sleeps. The disease is often accompanied by a cough, if there are complications of bronchitis, cough becomes more severe. You need to pay attention when they are sick.